Guest Fresh 200GSM Doona

Guest Fresh 200GSM Doona

Guest Fresh

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200gsm Microfibre light weight hotel Doona providing bedding warmth for every season. Offers warmth without the weight of a traditional Doona but regulates your body template in the warmer months. This hotel favourite naturally contours your body to give a perfect nights sleep. No more nights sweats ~ cosiness without overheating!

Guest Fresh is Australia's best odourless Doona for asthma and allergy sufferers.
200GSM construction is made for outstanding commercial performance and longevity. Commercially washable, fast dying, easy care. 

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Guest Fresh √ the stand out hospitality performer
A sound knowledge of hospitality demands and the advance technology make this range possible offering exclusively and uncompromising superior comfort, commercial wash performance and hygiene management. 

Guest Fresh √ where hygiene, comfort and commercial longevity combine in offering this exclusive range of Luxury bedding and accessories.

Guest Fresh √ Hygiene
 Anti-fungal
 Anti-bacterial
 Non-allergenic
 Antimicrobial
 Stain & Flame resistant

Guest Fresh √ Construction equals performance
It is the uniqueness of our products layered construction that unlocks previously unheard of performance. Regardless of the product selected, this action alone enhances the entire ranges hospitality suitability. 

Guest Fresh √ Serviceability
*Built to withstand daily commercial wash demands.
*Super resilient multi layered construction. 
*Maintaining quality, appearance & serviceable longevity. 
*Reduced wash weights, energy savings of 40% and more. 

Only products meeting or exceeding this strict hygiene & performance criteria will be deemed worthy to carry the exclusive Guest Fresh √ label.